Ammar Nova

Ammar Nova

Head of Client Success – Client Success

Hello, friend 👋🏼

If you're reading this it means you're probably thinking about joining Team CS and want to learn a little bit more about our people and culture (which makes me very happy!).

Why am I here?

I get to spend each day working with a talented bunch of people to help figure out this magnificent beast called influence, and then wield it in order to help our clients grow.

If I do my job well three beautiful things happen:

  1. I get to show up every day to an increasingly large and increasingly happy team;
  2. We get to prove that a few smart people, carefully applied, can make huge differences in the world; and
  3. We get to lead the industry in what it means to deliver successful influence programmes.

What is my talent?

  1. Consuming ungodly quantities of caffeine on a daily basis
  2. Writing self bios
  3. Making lists

Why should you join the team?

I don't want to sell you on the team (I promise we're all amazing!). I want to sell you on our mission.

We're trying to do something new. Something different. Something big. If you want to be a part of a young, hungry team that's trying to make a real difference in the world: Tailify may very well be the place for you and I'd love to chat.


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