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Gem Paned

Talent Acquisition Partner – People and Talent

Hello, I'm Gem 

Right, let's get work stuff out the way - I'm Tailify's TA Partner! 

Well, that was a lot quicker than I anticipated.. Now onto the good stuff!

Not to sound cheesy, but I'm passionate about people! Hence working within talent. I'm a firm believer in giving people chances and thinking outside the box, both personally and professionally. 

I care deeply about Mental Health and Well-being, which have led me to becoming a Mental Health First Aid Champion. 

I am an empathetic and happy person, who likes to be surrounded by people that I can learn from and who are also willing to learn and grow!

Why am I here? 

Tailify's values and mission resonated strongly with me, because throughout my career I have been looking for a role and company that align with my work ethics, as well as what I care about in and outside of work. I'm glad to say that it's a fantastic place to work, learn, push yourself and lives up to its expectations!

 What is my talent?

Hmmm.. I'd say professionally - my compassion, drive and general passion in what I do!

Outside of work.. DANCE! 


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